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Live Auctions - Ephemeral Art

Radical Practices Live Auctions was founded in 2009 by Justin Hoover as an ongoing conceptual performance.

Auction items have ranged from singing telegrams to professional wrestler lessons, to the production of a rainbow, to a dress made of clay.  It is an abstract platform for exhibiting ephemeral or performative work.

Radical Practices believes in driving the collection of art away from the collection of material things, and towards the collection of ideas and intelligences by appropriating the context of the fine art auction, and developing it as a performance event.

Many artists express opposition or resistance to the commodification of art, but this idea is anachronistic in today's cultural/capital landscape.  Thus, Radical Practices creates an auction in solidarity with the values of the ephemeral, the conceptual, and the immaterial by pushing for the collection of this type of work.